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Sculpture @ The School of The Art Institute, ChicagoB.A. Columbia College, 1980, Chicago


"1999.999, Don't Worry, It's too Late." @ 288, NYC, Dec. '98'
"Kinda Small Work:, Life Cafe, July 1998, NYC
Luna Gallery, Nov. 1996, NYC
XOXO Gallery, June 1995, NYC
XOXO Gallery, June 1994, NYC
"Deoderized/Illuminated/Constructions" @ bOb, May '93, NYC
"Gun Powder Plot" The Jon Gerstad Gallery, Nov. 5 (Guy Fawks Day) '88, NYC
"Me And My Pal" " " " " Jan. 1987
Nolo Contendre' Gallery, September 1985, NYC
"The Big Wack" The Shuttle Club, November 1984, NYC
Paintings and Sculpture, the interior of "Waves" nightclub Chicago 1980
1st solo show, Morrie's delicatession, Chicago 1979 (YEA!)


"Broken Noses and Metepsychoses", Tribes Gallery, June 1998, NYC
"One on One" Max Fish, Oct. 1997, NYC
"Found paradise" Webster Hall, July, 1995, NYC
"New York Artists" The Painted Wall, Seattle Wa. March, 1995
"Small Works" XOXO Gallery, NYC December, 1995
"Art Around the Park" Thomkins' Sq. May, '92 thru '98, NYC
Bi-monthly shows at The Marz Bar, 1992-'98, NYC
"Dead Rock Star Show" Max Fish, November, 1994, NYC
"My Fetish & You" S.I.C.P.A. April, '93, NYC
"The Self Lit Show" Gallery 313, November, 92, NYC
"Group Show" The Emerging Collector, 1990-91, NYC
"Look Back/Look Forward" Ward Nasse, 1989, NYC
"Real Work" The Gas Station, 1988, NYC
"Downtown Artists" The City Gallery @ The Dept. of Cultural Affairs,'88,
"Micro-Pointilism" The Michigan Gallery, 1987, Detroit Mi.
"Multiformity 1&2" The Jon Gerstad Gallery, Sept.'86/87, NYC
"Rivington School Show" 128 Rivington, Oct. '87, NYC
"South Bronx Show" Fashion Moda, June, '87 Bronx, NYC
"The Furniture Show" No Se No, March, '86, NYC
"Fresh" Di Laurenti Gallery, 1986, NYC
"The Shirt Show" Randolph St. Gallery, 1985, Chicago
"Fusion Art" 57 Stanton, Sept. 1985, NYC
Dramatis Personae, June 1985, NYC
"White Lies" Magic Gallery, Oct.'84
Regular shows & installations, Club 57, Danceteria, Kamikezi, etc.'82-87


Co-curated, "Land of 1000 Bottles" an East Village/L,E.S.,an 80's art retrospect,
w/ Gracie Mansion, Sir Rodney Sir, Dee Dee Chaipen, Carlo McCormak, Jim C, & Michael Carter,
winter/spring/summer '99
Sets & Props designed for the plays:
"I Am A Coffin" by Edgar Oliver, La Mama, E.T.C., Oct./Nov. 1997, NYC
"Ring Rang" by Nell Stewert, Westbeth Theater, March '95, NYC "Jack Daw's Paradise" by Carl Watson, The Playground Theater, '92, NYC
"Whatever Bernhart Gets" by Steven P. Miller, with Taylor Mead, 8BC & P.S.122, '88-89, NYC
"Sunnyside" by S.P. Miller, with T.Mead, P.S.122, '87, NYCOwned and Directed XOXO Gallery & Performance Space, NYC,'91-'97
Co-Produced "The East Village Film & Video Fest" @ XOXO, NYC, June '96
Produced the "Gravity" a three day music festival, @ Quando, '95,NYC,
Special Effects"X-Mas on Hell Island"Sanford Meisner Theater,Dec/Jan.'89/90
Special Effects"Gimmic-0-Rama" reinvented The Tingler, Film Forum,'88, NYC
Designed Rm. 4C, Carlton Arms Hotel,'87, NYC
12'X 40' outdoor mural & relief, for New Century Mgmnt.Co. "79" Chicago
Publisher/Editor "The Paper Gallery" newspaper, "80" Chicago
"Camelot" 37 min. video, Produced/Dir./Acted, Liberty NY, '91
"Dig" 6 min. film,Produced/Dir./Editor, NYC, '87
"The Big Wack" 9 min. film, Pro./Dir./Editor, NYC,'84
"Sylvester's Light" 11 min. Performance/Video, Starred/Pro/Dir/Edit, NYC'84
"Full Circle of S..." 9 min. film, Acted/Pro/Dir/Editor, Chicago,'80
"The Idea' 45 sec. film, same as above, Chicago, '79
"The Fear of Being Eaten" Performance, CBGB 313, & Fly Trap, Blk. NYC '90-'91
"The Upsidedown Show" Performance, The Shuttle Club, NYC,'85-86
Founding member/Principle song writer, "The Vacuum Bag" '85-'92, all over
Founding member/Principle song writer "Pirates of Tech-no Hell" '82-'84, NYC
Founding member/Principle song writer "The Default" NYC, '81


Drawings for "A Gathering of Tribes" Mag. Fall '98
Drawings and Writings for NY Hang Over,NYC '95 thru present
Cover Design/Layout for the book "Broken Noses and Metempsychoses" by M. Carter, '96
"Sleep" Magazine, NYC, '95
"Long News(in a short century)" NYC, '92
"Red Tape, Vol.#7" NYC, ,91
"Rag" Mag. NYC, '89
"Cover Magazine" NYC, January, '87
Design/Concept for "White Lies" Red Tape Mag.#5, NYC,'85
"Red Tape Magazine" #4,'84, NYC
"Ferro Botanica" NYC, ,83
"Red Tape Magazine" #3, NYC,'82
"Play List/Phase 2" NYC, '82
"The Paper Gallery" Chicago, '80
"Crumbs Magazine" School of the Art Institute, Chicago,'79


"Wochenpost" The Scene in NYC, Berlin, Germany, March, '95
"The Price is right" by Larry Worth, NY Post, 9/19/94
"Downtown Art" by Gary Azon, Downtown Mag. 6/9/93, NYC
"Julius Klein" by Michael Carter, Paper Mag. Jan. '88, NYC
"All Area Access" by Michelle Corriel, Cover Mag. Jan. '88, NYC
"Gentrification in the L.E.S." by A Bowler/B.McBurney, SAGE MAG. London "91
"Artbreak Hotel" Marie Clair Mag. Italian Edition,'90
"Christmas On Hell Island" David Sheward, Back Stage Mag. Jan.'90
"Artists Makes Rooms Livable" Brutus Mag. Japan, '88
"I'll Take Manhattan" Sun Sentinel, Jacksonville Fl. May,'88
"J.Klein @ J.Gerstad" by Steven Cramer, 108/E.V. Review, Dec.'87
"Talk of The Town" New Yorker Mag. March '87
"Multiformity" 108 East Village Review, Sept.'87, NYC
"Impressive Summer Shows" By Douglas Hooper, The New Common Good8/87,NYC
"East Village Meets The South Bronx" Downtown Mag. July,'87
"East Village Now" Bijuysu Techo, Japan, Aug. '87
"Atomic Club Cocktail" East Village Guide, Sept. '86
"The Night of The Living" by Jessica Berens, Vanity Fair, Sept.'84
"Mass Exhibitions" By Kim Leven, Village voice, Oct.11,83
"Sunnyside" National Public Radio, Sept. '83


Artist's Space, Funding for @ XOXO, June. '94
NEA Grant for "The Ultimately Civil Project" w/ ABC NO RIO, '85
Journalism Dept. of Columbia College, Funding for "Paper Gallery" Chi.'80
Albert P. Wiesman Grant, for Mural project, Chicago '79